10 cities of Europe to visit in 2018 by Skyscanner

10 cities of Europe to visit in 2018 by Skyscanner

Did you know that the year 2018 will be a very travelling year? Take a look at the selection of the most beautiful cities of Europe to visit and start planning your next getaways.

What are the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit in 2018? Although charming European cities are plentiful, next year we propose you to get away from the usual routes and we wanted to make some suggestions for you to begin to include them in your list of traveling purposes. We will talk to you about destinations that you might not have thought of as places that always reach the top positions in the rankings of the most visited.
If you listened to us when we told you about the best cities in Europe for 2017, do not undo your backpack! We have selected the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe to travel to in 2018. Keep reading and start planning your next trip.

1. Brussels

The capital of Belgium is one of the best places to visit in Europe at any time. Brussels is a great city. Its historic center immediately falls in love as soon as you set foot on the Grand Place, but it ends up conquering you when you immerse yourself in its day to day life. Greet the famous Manneken Pis and, above all, take advantage of the stop to eat some of the traditional waffles from the neighboring shops. Get a map and discover the corners of the Comic Book Route to find the beautiful murals of characters such as Tintin or Asterix and Obelix. At nightfall, nothing like discovering the Belgian night in some of its craft beer bars. One of the most lively is the ‘Delirium Tremens’, in the heart of the city.
In addition, Brussels is one of the best places to visit in Europe if you do not have a very high travel budget. Thanks to several low cost airlines fly to the capital, you can always find a chollazo.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Bruselas

2. Córdoba

Do not go too far to find one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit this year. Although it is known for its imposing Mosque-Cathedral, a unique place on the European continent, Cordoba has much more to visit. Go ahead and spend at least a couple of days and discover all the charms of the Jewish quarter, its courtyards, its lanes (have you heard of the beautiful Calleja de las Flores?) And, of course, its restaurants and tea shops. If you want to see it in all its splendor, Cordoba is one of the cities in Europe to visit between the months of April and May. It is at this moment that beautiful festivals such as the Cordoba Courtyard Festival, the May Crosses or the Fair take place and the streets are filled with the color of their thousands of spring flowers.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Córdoba

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam always tops the list of places to visit in Europe, and it does not surprise us! The capital of the Netherlands is a real gem. These streets full of typical houses next to the canals make up the typical image of the city. However, Amsterdam is much more. Come and discover its museums (our favorites are the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum), markets and other places as special as Vondelpark. In addition, from this charming European city you can also make some beautiful excursions such as Zaanse Schans. This small town is only 11 kilometers away from Amsterdam, but you will find a completely different place: a countryside full of mills over 200 years old. If you do not know where to travel in Europe this year, look for flights to Amsterdam!

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Ámterdam

4. Antwerp

Although the protagonism is often carried by other places in the country such as Brussels or Bruges, this year we recommend the beautiful Antwerp among the best cities in Europe. Many take it as a day trip from the capital, but our advice is to stay at least a couple of days to enjoy all its charms. Antwerp is still one of the most important commercial cities in northern Europe, since it has an important port. In addition, as a curiosity, it is known as the “Diamond Capital of the World”, since it produces more or less 85% of the world’s total production. Some of its attractions are the beautiful Plaza Mayor, the Rubens House Museum, the Cathedral of Antwerp or the Museum of Diamonds. Also, if you are thinking of other cities to visit in Europe, Antwerp is the ideal junction between Brussels and Amsterdam.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Amberes


5. Glasgow

Overshadowed by other cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow is taking advantage of its charms and has positioned itself as one of the best places in Europe to visit in 2018. Although it has long been known as an industrial city, thanks to a good face wash Many tourists are now encouraged to visit its museums, parks and historic buildings. Do not forget to visit the Kelvingrove Museum, the Glasgow Botanical Garden or the Cathedral of St. Mungo, but the best of Glasgow you will find if you wander a bit through its streets. For example, in the neighborhood of West End there are streets as cucas as Ashton Lane or Hidden Lane, in Merchant City you will love Buchanan Street and throughout the city you will discover dozens of street art expressions of the highest level.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Glasgow

6. Bilbao

We go to the north of Spain to find another of the most beautiful cities in Europe to travel in 2018. Like the previous one, Bilbao was also known for many years as an industrial city. However, now the gray city has become a renovated place that has much to offer. For example, the Guggenheim Museum is not just a work of art from the outside, but houses works of contemporary art by prestigious national and international authors. Stroll through the Casco Viejo and discover its charms, such as Plaza Nueva and its prestigious pintxo bars. In addition, 2018 will be a spectacular year in the Basque city, as it will host events such as the awards of The World’s 50 Restaurants, the EMA (European Music Awards) or the finals of the European Champions Rugby and the Challenge Cup.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Bilbao

7. Berlin

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe is Berlin, one of our recommendations for 2018. In addition to that imperial air that characterizes it, the capital of Germany proposes an overwhelming cultural and gastronomic offer to those who visit it. Museums like the one in Pergamum (one of the most impressive in Europe), the New Museum or the Jewish Museum in Berlin attract history buffs, as do corners like the Berlin Wall or Checkpoint Charlie. For those who want to explore further, they will find secret corners everywhere, as well as alternative bars and restaurants such as the burger shop ‘Burgermeister’, which was located in what were former public urinals. Whether you’ve visited Berlin in advance or not, look for a flight to one of Europe’s charming cities by 2018.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Berlín

8. Dublin

The capital of Ireland is fashionable. In addition to its usual attractions such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College or the Temple Bar area, now there are many who dare to travel to this corner to make a route through Northern Ireland, an area that collects some of the locations where Game of Thrones was filmed. After touring the best points of one of the best cities in Europe and taste a delicious Guinness beer, look for a rental car at a good price and discover with your eyes Winterfell or Rock Dragon Beach.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Dublín

9. Siena

One of the most beautiful areas where traveling in Europe is Italian Tuscany. In it you will find everything you have imagined and more. Landscapes in ocher tones, churches with centuries of history and good gastronomy is what this European corner offers. Siena is a good base to explore. You can take a flight to Pisa and then a train or a car to get to it and settle in a charming little hotel. The Piazza del Campo is one of the most spectacular squares on the continent and it hosts the famous Palio de Siena event, a competition of horses of medieval origin. Climb the Torre del Mangia to enjoy the views of this charming European city and discover the imposing Cathedral of Siena, one of the most beautiful in the region.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Siena

10. Bordeaux

If you are looking for places to visit in Europe without spending too much, why not take a trip to Bordeaux? Now there are many low cost airlines that fly to this French city and it is an opportunity to enjoy both it and the surrounding area. The capital of the Aquitaine region is a Unesco World Heritage Site and holds many attractions along the Garonne River. Do not miss places like the Place de la Bourse, the Bordeaux Cathedral, the Basilica of St. Michael or the Grand Theater of Bordeaux. If you feel like going out to explore, you have nearby charming corners like Arcachon and the Dune of Pyla, Saint-Émilion.

Ciudades más bonitas que visitar en Europa: Burdeos

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