10 Destinations in Europe that you can not miss!

10 Destinations in Europe that you can not miss!

If you like traveling, you are an inveterate adventurer and still do not know where to go this summer, here we bring you 10 of the destinations you can not miss this year!

Zagreb is the heart of Croatian culture, art, sports and modern education, but its history is not forgotten. The unique combination of medieval towers, 19th century palaces, open-air markets and ancient cathedrals make Zagreb the perfect city to explore.
It is a cosmopolitan city that stands out for its architecture – which reflects the Austro-Hungarian influence -, for its streets and squares.
The street art, the wide range of art galleries and its thriving cuisine, with a special mention to beer, are other attractions that travelers can discover to take advantage of the new routes after the inauguration of the air terminal.

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This Baltic Sea island is one of the most beautiful regions of Sweden, undoubtedly one of the best European destinations for 2018. Peaceful, sunny in summer and full of sandy beaches, cliffs and lush forests. If it is Sweden’s favorite holiday destination, it will be something.
Gotland is also magnificent for its medieval churches, its original summer atmosphere and, above all, for the walled city of Visby, its main urban center.
Visby, a port city protected by Unesco, invites you to return to the Middle Ages, strolling through thick walls, cobbled streets, wooden houses of stories, evocative ruins and steep hills with wonderful views of the Baltic. When the good weather arrives, Gotland is full of tourists, especially during the medieval week, in which the old town of Visby is full of period costumes, recreations and markets.

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Montenegro has everything a tourist destination can ask for. Dream beaches in the incredible blue of the Adriatic, mountains of a sublime drama, beautiful villages, a feverish nightlife, exquisite cuisine and best of all, prices not to believe. The country has decided to adopt the euro as a currency, although it is not part of the eurozone, which allows prices to be so low. Anyone who dares to venture will be surprised.

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The Alentejo is a gastronomic paradise thanks to the vineyards, olive groves and fertile fields that abound in the area. You will be impressed by the Portuguese cuisine and the quiet landscapes of this small region of the south of the country.
In addition, if you like to hike, you can find the Vincentian Route, the region’s great attraction for the restless traveler, and the Fisherman’s Trail, which runs along 100 kilometers of coast and cliffs between Porto Covo and Odeceixe.

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Secret wineries, monasteries on top of cliffs and unknown cities among vineyards. In Moldávia, a small country between Romênia and Ucrânia, one of the least visited cities in Europe. Everything in it seems detained in time and surprises those who reach the last corner of the eastern mainland.Its remote environment makes traveling through the country a challenge and an adventure, and its leisurely and timeless lifestyle invites to talk in the shade of fruit trees in the middle of summer.

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Paphos is much more than a beach. The ancient Greeks already knew this, so they founded there their sacred city, overlooking the brilliant Mediterranean of Cape Kouklia.
If you like the sea, the sand and the sun, Cyprus is a very sunny country, with an average of 326 sunny days a year. But on this island you can not take more than two steps in any direction without finding an ancient ruin or the scene of some Hellenic myth. And Paphos is not like Agia Napa or Protaras, but it’s a truly Mediterranean town with shops full of vegetables and courtyards full of geranium pots.

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The city of Helsinki, apart from being the capital, it is the largest city in Finland. A designated world capital of design in 2012, an environment that gives off style, comfort and tranquility. The main places of interest are very close to each other, being an ideal city to walk.
We recommend your visit in the months with more hours of light and higher temperatures, being these June, July and August the best months to know it, it is a perfect destination for this summer!

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This Dutch metropolis is where the country is governed and where royalty resides. Known for hosting the International Court of Justice, it surprises with the number of historic buildings, an immense offer of museums with great worldwide recognition and kilometers of absolutely wild beaches dominated by the strong waves of the North Sea.
The Hague offers to the travelers a more than recommended visit in the Netherlands, which can give a lot of itself. And not just to spend a single day if we decide to enter to many museums and explore its unknown coast.

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This beautiful city became the capital of Russia in 1703 and was also the scene of the two world wars. However, its beauty persisted and, in fact, the spectacular center of the city is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can not miss the Hermitage Museum, the Winter Palace, the Church of the Christ Savior of the Spilled Blood, the Nevsky Avenue or the Smolny Convent, among many other monuments that will make you hallucinate.

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Copenhagen is beautiful, it has a lot of history and incomparable neighborhoods. From the old port of Nyhaven, one of the most famous places, take a boat and go out to see the city of water. Here are some things you can not miss: the Tivoli Gardens, the oldest amusement park in the world, opened in 1843; a dinner at El Noma, the best restaurant in the world since 2010 (after Ferran Adrià’s Bulli closed, of course); and a visit to the most popular district of Norrebro, to take a look at the colorful urban design of “Superkilen”. If you really want to appreciate the green soul of the city and enjoy its creativity, you can not miss Louisiana, one of the most beautiful museums in the world where art and nature merge into a magical symbiosis. Do we convince you?

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