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Here are 10 secret places in London

Discover the best secret places in London that you will love.

It does not matter if you are going to London for the first time or you repeat, that you have it on your list of getaways or it is something that you have to do at least once a year, that you live or you have lived in one of its neighbourhoods, London is more than the Big Ben, Tower Bridge or Portobello, always hiding new secret places in London to discover and it is easy to have the feeling that it is unattainable.

But you just have to know that finding those hidden places in secondary streets and in parts of the city that perhaps you had not even thought of getting in, to get into that less familiar London in a city where new things always appear while everything seems to be always the same. In this article we want to give you a few notes to discover these hidden places. Do not miss them!

  1. The Winston Churchill Bunker

In the heart of London’s political center, a few steps from 10 Downing Street, you can go down to the underground labyrinth in which Winston Churchill and his government cabinet were protected during the German bombings of the Second World War and from where they led his offensive against Hitler.

In Churchill’s War Rooms you can travel to those tense months through the rooms where the government met, the maps that still hang on the walls and the offices where secretaries or members of the BBC worked.

© Elena de Astorza
© Elena de Astorza – The Winston Churchill Bunker
  1. The Little Venice Canals

On the canals that reach Little Venice, the area that the poet Robert Browning put this name in honor of the Italian city, you can completely forget that you are in London and you realize that the same Londoners move there at a slower pace. You can walk among river barges moored to the shore, attend a puppet theater in one of them or simply sit down for a coffee in one of their boats.

© Elena de Astorza - The Little Venice Canals

  1. The Spitalfields Market

Since 1638, there has been a fruit and vegetable market in the place where the Old Spitafields Market stands today, although the current building dates back to 1887. Today, it is one of the best markets in London with independent stores, restaurants and food, craft or clothing stalls, especially on weekends. Also, it is a covered market so it is a good option when the weather is not too good.

© Elena de Astorza - The Spitalfields Market

  1. The Wilton’s Music Hall

At Wilton’s Music Hall, you can have a drink, listen to a concert, go to the movies or see a play, but above all you can do something to save it from deterioration. Hidden in an eastern alley, not far from the Tower of London, it is the oldest music hall in the world and part of the money collected is spent on its restoration, although much of its charm lies in its somewhat decadent air.

© Elena de Astorza - The Wilton's Music Hall

  1. The Mudchute Urban Farm

Right next to the city’s financial district and where some of the tallest skyscrapers, Canary Wharf, are concentrated, there is one of the more secret places in London which is actually a farm. Sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, cows, even llamas, live quietly and oblivious to everything next to one of the most active areas of the British capital. For having, the urban farm of Mudchute has even a riding school and, if you fancy spending a day in the countryside without leaving the city, admission is free.

© Elena de Astorza - The Mudchute Urban Farm

  1. Cocktails with History at The Booking Office

Londoners love beer and a pub is a must if you visit the city, but do not leave out their bars and their great tradition of cocktails. One of the best places to enjoy a cocktail full of history, Victorian punches or more contemporary flavors according to the seasons, is under the neo-Gothic arches of the bar of the wonderful hotel St Pancras Renaissance, The Booking Office, the former reservation office of the St Pancras station which is right next to it.

© Elena de Astorza - Cocktails with History at The Booking Office

  1. The Kensington Roof Gardens

On the roof of a huge art deco building that rises in the middle of Kensington High Street, gardens designed in different styles were created almost eighty years ago and they still stand to surprise those who find them, a part of them recreates the Spanish gardens and architecture. Although at night, they become a rather exclusive nightclub, and the access during the day to the Kensington Roof Gardens is free. That is one of the more enjoyable secret places in London to be.

© Elena de Astorza - The Kensington Roof Gardens

  1. The best Fish and Chips in Poppies

The waitresses of Poppies and the music that sounds inside the place, located just behind the Spitalfields market, seem to have been taken out of the forties or fifties, but the restaurant has been open since then and it prides itself on being one of the the best places to eat fish and chips in London. Fish, chips and pea puree and, if you order take-out, they wrap the potatoes in newspaper as they did before.

© Elena de Astorza - The best Fish and Chips in Poppies

  1. The View from Parliament Hill

When the good weather starts, Londoners literally throw themselves into the street some parks are occupied first. Then the picnics begin and, one of the best places to do it and enjoy one of the best views of London, is at the Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath, a small hill that rises in the north of the city and from which you can see the unmistakable silhouette of icons such as Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral or Canary Wharf.

© Elena de Astorza - The View from Parliament Hill

  1. Contemporary Art at the Saatchi Gallery

In one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of London, not far from Sloane Square, is the gallery of the publicist Charles Saatchi since 2008. With permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and free access, the Saatchi Gallery has become famous because, from the beginning, it has always opted for unknown British artists, thus launching artists such as Damien Hirst into stardom.

secret places in london

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