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countries for 7 days in europe

3 good combinations of countries for 7 days in Europe

Here are a few good combination of countries for 7 days in Europe to help you make the most of your tour!

1 – France– Switzerland – Austria

When you undertake a trip of 7 days in Europe you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of three European countries – France, Switzerland and Austria. A perfectly planned European trip will enable you to cover the best places of the three countries – France, Switzerland and Austria. The most enjoyable sessions of the tour of these countries for 7 days in Europe will be the visits to the cities of Paris, Geneva and Innsbruck. We all know that among the many tourist destinations in Europe, some of the most beautiful places are in France, Switzerland and Austria. In fact, they have been voted the most beautiful tourist destinations of the world by many magazines several times over the years. Once the tourists reach Paris they begin their 7 days in Europe tour.

After your arrival at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, you can enjoy highly delicious food served at hotels and numerous high quality restaurants all over the city;  and music lovers will have the most exciting time in here. The cruise on the River Seine will be a memorable experience. The night tours and the amazing performances at the world famous Lido Show and Moulin Rouge are the other most important parts of your stay in Paris. You can also enjoy taste of the exotic champagne. These are some of the things that make Paris, simply Paris!

In Switzerland the tour begins with their arrival in Interlaken. You can enjoy an excursion to Jungfrau – the highest mountain in Europe. In Switzerland, Geneva is one of the most beautiful cities. After visiting the City of Geneva you can go back to Interlaken and take a flight to Innsbruck in Austria. Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it is a very lively place. During your stay in Austria you can also visit the city of Lucerne (back in Switezerland as it is very close). Lucerne is very well known for its awe-inspiring lakes, beautiful meadows and snow-capped mountains. This combination of countries for 7 days in Europe trip can be concluded in Austria.

2 – Belgium – Netherlands Germany

countries for 7 days in europe

Belgium is the capital of EU and Brussels is the most important city in Belgium. Brussels is a historic city which is quite friendly and you can have a lot of fun here. The best way to explore the city is the Brussels’s Comic Route. While staying in Brussels you certainly can enjoy the amazing beer, chocolates and frites.

The second part of this combination of countries for 7 days in Europe trip will start with your arrival at Amsterdam, Netherlands – which can be by train or even bus if you are a bit tight on your budget. You can stay in a nice Amsterdam Hostel, the most of them are of quite good quality. During the stay here you can visit Anne Frank’s house, view the canals and go to the cafes. The streets in Netherlands are bicycle as well as pedestrian-friendly.

From Amsterdam you can travel by train and reach Berlin Central Station in Germany. Once you come out of the station you can see the Reichstag Building in front of you. There are a lot of places to visit and enjoy in Berlin. The 7 days in Europe trip will be concluded at Berlin.

3 – ItalyFrance England

The wonderful as well as amazing 7 days in Europe vacation can start at Rome in Italy where you are advised to spend two days at least. The most important places to visit in Rome are the Colosseum, St. Peter’s and the Vatican City. From Rome you can proceed to Paris in France where you could spend another two days. In Paris which is the “City of Lights”, further then mentioned in the first part of this article – you can also go to Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Champs-Elysee.

After enjoying the first four days in Rome and then Paris you can proceed for the last part of this combination of countries for 7 days in Europe trip – that is the three days stay in London. Our privately guided sightseeing tour of London will be indeed an unique experience. During your stay in London you can visit the grand Trafalgar Square, the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace and also view famous icons like the Tower of London, the Big Ben and the London Eye.

Not only in London, but in most of major European cities we offer private guides to show you the city in a personalised itinerary prepared by us especially to tailor YOUR needs and interests. When planning your trip to Europe contact us for any support you need!

Do you have any other combination of countries for 7 days in Europe in mind? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section. We would love to hear! And if you like this post please share and subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep informed about travel and Tourism tips in Europe!

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