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  • A gift to you: A ready tour plan to get to know London for free
ready tour plan to get to know london for free

A gift to you: A ready tour plan to get to know London for free

How about having a ready to use tour plan to get to know London for free?

ready tour plan to get to know london for free

Although London is well known as one of the most expensive cities to visit, there are also plenty of free things to do that will certainly save you quite a bit to experience this wonderful city.

There are several articles that list dozens and even hundreds of cool things to do for free in London, but what is the most effective order to explore them making the most of these attractions on those many lists?

Here we present our suggestion. We used our experience and planned a ready to use tour route so you can make an efficient visit to London with free activities which are close to each other (you can do everything by walking, huh ?!), considering that you want to visit the basic tourist areas of the city. The order of places in our suggestion of our Ready Tour Plan to get to know London for free is arranged by a priority of regions to be visited according to the preference of most of the tourists who come to us to plan their tours. And since London is a city with thousands of possibilities, of course you can contact us and we can prepare a your own tour plan according to your personal preferences.

But now let’s get down to business! Follow our Suggested Ready Tour Plan to get to know London for free!

Starting at Westminster – Part 1: 1 day approximately 8h of walking at a normal pace.

1 – At about 9:30 am, start your walk through Leicester Square to enjoy the typically Victorian architecture of the theatres, cinemas and casinos in the square. Here you can also enter the shops of Lego or M & M world for nice photos. If you resist and don’t buy anything the visit will still to be free!

2- Continue your walk to Piccadilly Circus which is just over 450 meters from Leicester Square. Here, in addition to enjoying the architecture, you can take photo of the iconic statue of the Eros of Piccadilly and the famous led screens which are in the same square.

3 – Give yourself a short walk in Regent’s Street – just to get a sense of the cool shops on the street and also to a wonderful photo on the first stretch of the street where there were Victorian-era architectural plans for a roofed shopping centre on that street (obviously the plan was not completed), but the architecture on this street – even without the glass ceiling initially planned – is spectacular!

tour plan

4 – Enter the second or third tunnel to the left of Regent’s Street and drop back onto Piccadilly Avenue – one of the most sophisticated avenues in town! Shown in countless movies like Notting Hill, 007, among many more, here along this avenue one has to observe the royal coat-of-arms exposed in facades of several stores like the Fortun and Mason (supermarket elected since 1837 by the royal family for groceries in the Buckingham Palace) for example. It’s worth getting in to see the shop even if you do not buy anything or do not book a very posh afternoon tea in one of its wonderful tea rooms. Just in front of the Fortun and Mason is the Royal Academy of Arts – a very sumptuous building that gives beautiful pictures – If you are interested in paintings from the 17th century or contemporary paintings and sculptures, is worth getting in here for a free visit. But to carry on with this basic tour plan suggestion, we will not include that visit, so you may carry on by Piccadilly Avenue. Still here, you’ll pass the shabby Hotel Ritz and you can not miss that photo opportunity!

5 – After the Hotel Ritz you will enter at Green Park. Take pictures, but be careful and don’t miss the change of Guard! It happens in front of Buckingham Palace, which is close to the park (just follow the flow and you will be there!), Usually takes place between 11am and 11:45 p.m. (not every day all year, but you can check the royal guard’s schedule here ). Make sure you get there a bit early to position yourself in a cool place to see as much as you can.

6 – After watching the guards, follow St. James’s Park which is right next to the palace. Another place for countless photos! Although the walk in the park is very beautiful, do not miss the Clearance House (Prince Charles residence) and the Palace of St. James’s palace (the Queen official residence – although she lives in Buckingham). The two are on The Mall located next to St. James’s park.

7 – As you leave St. James’s Park by the end of The Mall, take beautiful photos with the mounted guards at the Royal Horseguards museum. After this, head to Trafalgar Square which is about 200 meters from the museum and enjoy this beautiful square where the main events and celebrations of the city take place. At the back side of the square, two more free attractions for art lovers – The National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. Also in the square is St. Martin’s in the fields Church  where you can watch classical music concerts for free at lunchtime. If you decide to visit these 3 attractions will be already enough to fill your whole afternoon. But for the purpose of this basic visit of suggested in our Ready Tour Plan to get to know London for free,we will not enter any of these 3 visits and carry on walking on the beautiful Whitehall Avenue.

london for free


8 – Enjoy the Victorian architecture of the UK’s political center – Whitehall Avenue. Here are Departments of security, health, finance, etc., etc. Be sure to photograph some memorials that are in the middle of the avenue: The most famous are the Women of the II war memorial (in honour of the women who served during the Second War – so tailors, postwomen  uniforms, etc. are presented on the memorial), and the Cenotaph (the most important memorial to all who died in any of the wars in which the country had participation). This last one is almost in front of Downing Street, a street currently closed to the public, where the address number 10 (house of the Prime Minister) is located. One more click!

9 – By this time (around 1:30pm) you should arrive at Parliament Square where you will spend a good half hour looking for the best angles to click on the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Phone boxes and iconic double-deck red buses of the city. Be sure to enter the garden of Westminster Abbey and quickly visit St. Margaret’s Church – it’s free to enter!

10 – From the Parliament square you will be able to see the London Eye on the south bank of the river, but since you do not want to ride on it because you want keep your Ready Tour plan to get to know London for free , you don’t have to go there! Just get on the Westminster Bridge or the North Bank of the River Thames for beautiful clicks of the London Eye – and you’ll save time! Are you going to count the London Eye capsules? Note that there are 32 capsules, however the numbering of them goes up to 33 – each representing one of the districts of London – the number 13 capsule does not exist in the London Eye by pure superstition!

11 – Return to the Parliament sidewalk (or Palace of Westminster) and walk along the beautiful Jubilee Gardens – garden which sits next to the palace at the back side of Westminster Abbey. following it you will find the Tate Britain gallery – also with free admission to visit! But if you’re not a fan of art, just click a photo of the building and Lambeth Bridge. Note that the Westminster and Lambeth bridges are painted in green and red and both colours represent the Houses of Parliament (Common and Lords).

get to know london for free


12 – Once seen and photographed, you can return to where you took pictures of the London Eye and head towards the Waterloo Bridge (also known as the ladies bridge – because it was built mainly by women, did you know that?!). return to the city on your left of the bridge and find yourself within the beautiful Covent Garden area. Here again you’ll spend a few hours photographing the architecture of the local buildings and theaters, peeking at the small shops, feeling the scents of the best cookies in town, tasting free sample of teas, trying for free some creams and soaps that will be offered and watching some of the various presentations of street artists in the region! Difficult will be not to buy anything among so many temptations, but it’s a great place to wind up your first day in Westminster!

If you are faster than most of our tourists you can still mix this script with our next Ready Tour Plan to get to know London for free – Westminster part 2. Be sure to follow our articles!

Liked? Share, comment, tell your friends, anyway! whatever you find most interesting! Thank you for your reading and I hope this article is helpful to you!

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