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personalised tours agency

Personalised Tours Agency

Welcome to our website!We are an inbound and personalised tours agency with operations in London and the major European cities.

Travelling through Europe is one of the greatest wishes for tourists from all over the world. Knowing the tourist attractions, walking the streets and think about its History, explore the gastronomy, the culture, the daily life and its curiosities. But the most efficient way to do it is asking to yourself: How long will you stay? What attractions are most interesting to visit? How to make the most of your trip? All this makes it worthwhile to be in touch with someone who knows Europe from close up to assist you from planning your trip and to share with you this valuable information. And for that you can count on us!

We have a team of travel experts, photographers, tour guides and local drivers who offer Outstanding Privately designed Tour services.

personalised tours agencyOur Personalised Tours agency was founded by Bia Leal, a Marketing professional who has fallen in love with Europe since her first visit. After a few months living in London she began to join friends and family on their trips through United Kingdom, where she lives, and to other parts of Europe. It was enough to change her career as a Marketing Analyst for the new passion of planning trips and escorting tours in London and Europe professionally.

With a well-established reputation in the tourism market, Designed Tours now offers a wider range of Personalised Tours agency services and has a highly qualified business partners in every city where it operates. Since it was founded, the vision of Designed Tours is to be recognised for the excellence, competitiveness and security through the services we offer. And our mission is to provide a high level of well-being to our customers, from planning to the end of their trip, ensuring a high level of satisfaction. And that remains the purpose of our existence to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience by counting on our services.

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