The destinations to celebrate Anti Valentine’s Day

The destinations to celebrate Anti Valentine’s Day

Have you planned your Anti-Valentine’s Day 2019 yet?

Valentine’s Day 2019 is not as celebrated in the country and yet there is a lot of information hanging around the romantic places to visit, movies to watch together and promotions in restaurants and bars for two people abound, becoming an inconvenient date for those that do not have a partner to share San Valentines with.

However, singles make clear their intentions and mark which are the destinations they want to visit the most for nothing more or nothing less than meeting people. This special article is for those who want to celebrate the Anti Valentine’s day 2019 with a trip. It should also be noted that 22% of travellers said that in 2018 he plans to travel with friends. did a search to find out which destinations are most recommended by their customers to see and meet people. The first place is Las Vegas. It seems that the motto “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”, took a deep breath among the travelers of the country who seek to enjoy the moment.

valentine's day 2019
Las Vegas

In second place, is New York. The multiculturalism of this immense city, its urban landscapes, and the cultural attractions and of course its wide nightlife place it in this ranking. The intentions of travellers in this destination also go through the possibility of enjoying an excellent trip alone, with the assurance that you can meet people almost constantly.

New York

The third place is occupied by the most Latin American destination in the United States, Miami. For some years now, this city has been reinvented and has become an ideal place for families and groups of young people looking for fun. Travellers choose Miami every year and today we can see that they also do it because of the possibility of hanging out on incredible beaches, going out to their multiple options of nightlife and meeting many people.


For the fourth place the proposal of travellers anti Valentine is crossed to the European continent, since this place is occupied by Amsterdam. The capital of Holland is a city that combines freedom, culture and fun. It is also listed as one of the friendliest, open and tolerant destinations in the world, where you can meet people almost anywhere. The highlights to visit are the house of Anne Frank, the Red Zone and the pubs of the city.

Amsterdam, Holland

Finally in this Top 5, another European destination enters the ranking and London is positioned as the ideal place to see people according to the travellers. Full of history, museums and unique and unrepeatable architectural works, the energy that vibrates in London catches the attention of curious world travellers of British culture. And travellers seem to hear these calls, to also meet people and celebrate anti Valentine’s Day 2019.

London, United Kingdom

I hope we could help you to decide where you would like to celebrate your Anti Valentine’s Day in 2019. But if you have any other ideas, please share with us in the comments below! Also, if you would like to receive ours posts in you email please subscribe to our newsletter on the form below. Thanks for reading!

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