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Here some of the top ice rinks in London!

London is often voted as the best tourist spot loved by people from all over the World. From Buckingham Palace to the Tower Bridge; each place is very unique and greatly famous. But London is not only popular for it’s mind blowing places, but it also is a place for amazing entertainment activities. And what else could be more fun than skating on ice? Yes, Ice skating in London is one of the best forms of entertainment especially during this Christmassy months of the year. Though the snow not so often pays a visit over here, there are amazing places with very cool ice Rinks in London where you can dance and practice your pirouettes. This article briefly gives a few tips about the best spots for Ice skate in London.

ice rinks in londonAlexandra Palace Ice Rink in London:

This place is the best of all because it offers ice skating experience all year around. It is open for families and also for enjoyment with friends. It offers teaching lessons on the meanwhile gives a hand to the one just seeking to ice skate. It has good quality hot and cold beverages serving cafes nearby. It is a must to visit place, whenever you are in London. 

Queen Ice Skating in London + Dine and Bowl:

This place is awesome for its multi purpose. It offer ice skating, dining, bowling and arcade offers. You can simply party here and skate for fun. It is very popular and amazing to immerse in all kinds of fun activities. 

Somerset House: Of all the ice rinks in London, this one is undoubtedly one of the most disputed among the dancing on ice lovers!

If you’re ever near by the River Thames, you must give a try to this cobblestone courtyard of ice skating. This place is historic in origin and thrives fun in every possible way. It has cool shops for buying gifts and also to fill your empty grumbling stomach. 

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland:

It gives double enjoyment. It offers skating experience along with fun you get from being in an amusement park. Yes, it contains play areas, rides, circus and food stalls. This place is to die for. This place is for friends reunion or get together with cousins. It will provide loads and loads of fun and you can always  make sure that you will get the adrenaline rush. 

ice skating in londonNatural History Museum: a very scenic romantic place for ice skating in London

People who think Museums are boring: Well this one is for them! It’s not at all boring but an experience to unfold newfound happiness. At night, the LED lights cover the trees, giving a spectacular view of the platform. Hot beverages come handy and it is the best place for dating couples to enjoy themselves in the company of each other. Love can be sparkled and kindled for a lifetime when someone visits this magical place.


Waterloo’s Bar Elba Rooftop – one of the newest ice rinks in London

And This year (2019), we had a recent addition to the list of best ice rinks in London – With free ice skating in November, the Napoleonic bar Elba also serves mulled wine and some blankets to warm guests up while on the roof. You can have a very nice selection of festive burgers and priority on the use of the ice rink if you have a reserved table. How much better can it get? But be aware: You need to be at least 21 years of age to be able to visit and enjoy this place!


Of course there are many other options of ice rinks in London which are not mentioned in here, like the ice rink at the tower of London, for example… Here are just a few of our selected ones to keep you thinking about the idea! But if you need any help planning to visit London and also need help choosing your ice rink, please feel free to contact me and I will happily assist you!


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