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Holy Week 2018 in London

Spending Holy Week in London is usually a good time to visit the British capital, since for these dates the time has usually improved, the days are longer and you can enjoy the city a lot. In England, Holy Week is usually celebrated in style, and Easter eggs and children’s games will be the main protagonists during these dates in London.

For the year 2018 the holidays that correspond to Holy Week in the UK are Friday March 30 and Monday April 2, so most of the events related to Holy Week take place the week before and especially the weekend in question.

What opens at Easter in London

During Holy Week in London all tourist attractions, museums, markets and stores will be open normally, even if there are holidays. So if you plan to visit the most famous attractions of London, such as the London Eye, ride a tourist bus, visit Westminster Abbey or St. Paul’s Cathedral do not worry because you can visit everything without problems.

Plan the perfect trip to London at Easter

If you are organizing a trip to London at Easter, you can take a look at our guide to plan a trip to London. In this section we tell you how to plan a trip to London according to the number of days, and we have itineraries to visit London in two days, three days, four days, etc…

Weather in Holy Week in London

As Easter falls this year in England at the end of March and beginning of April, it is probably already beginning to make good time in London. Usually for these dates the days start to be longer and although we still wear a jacket, the weather is usually quite pleasant.

British traditions of Holy Week

Although there will be religious performances, it is not for what the “Easter holidays” in the United Kingdom are known. The tradition here is mostly related to chocolate, but especially in Easter Eggs (chocolate eggs) as well as images of chicks and Easter rabbits … If you go to any supermarket you will find thousands of chocolate eggs (and always with offers! ), and there are all sizes and all prices, being able to find expensive chocolate eggs quite expensive in some cases …. Besides the chocolate eggs, the typical Easter sweet in the United Kingdom are the hot cross buns that you can see in all the stores and coffee shops during these dates.

For children, it is very popular to celebrate Holy Week in parks or gardens, where different events are organized, such as races in which you must carry an egg in a spoon in your mouth, workshops to paint Easter eggs and the famous egg Hunts, where children have to go in search of chocolate eggs, which can be hidden anywhere! Joining these events is usually free and children take home some prize or a lot of chocolate …! It is also quite normal for families and friends to celebrate their own egg hunts in the gardens of their homes or in different parks in London while taking advantage of one of the first picnics in the park.

Special events Holy Week in London

If you’re going to spend Holy Week in London, one of the things you’ll have to do is definitely go in search of the best Easter eggs: To see the most spectacular Easter eggs, my recommendation is to go through the department stores from Harrods or Fortnum & Mason department stores located on Piccadilly Street.

Passion in the Square

On Friday, March 30 there will be an outdoor theater performance in Trafalgar Square on the crucifixion of Jesus of a duration of about 90 minutes, at 12:00. and at 15.15 h. Free.

Easter at Fortnum & Mason

The magnificent Fortnum & Mason store located on Piccadilly Street, on the same street as the famous Ritz hotel in London, offers demonstrations throughout Easter of the best decorated Easter eggs, of all sizes you can imagine. You can see some of the Fortnum and Mason Easter products on their website: Fortnum and Mason.

During the weekend of Holy Week in London the department stores of Fortnum & Mason organize two different events for children from 5 to 12 years old. On Saturday, March 24, Fortnum & Mason invites the children to design their own Easter Bonnet, a hat decorated with figures and scenes from British Holy Week, featuring painted eggs and the figures of rabbits, flowers …. On Sunday, March 25, children will be able to paint ceramic easter eggs, taking home a spectacular memory.

Easter Afternoon Tea

For those who want something a little more special, many luxury hotels in central London offer an Easter Afternoon Tea in which chocolate is usually the main character, being able to choose from a wide variety of sandwiches, cupcakes and cakes, as well as choosing between a variety of teas Advisable to reserve!

Easter Country Fair

If what you want is to leave the city a bit and spend a day entertaining as a family, the Easter fair in Lee Valley is surely the best option. It is a traditional British Country Fair, which will be held for two days, Sunday 1 and Monday 2 April. Here we can find live performances, animals to entertain the youngest of the family, such as exhibits of birds of prey, and goats and ponies to be able to watch, give a bottle or touch, in addition to a medieval village with live shows And of course, there will be plenty of places to buy gift items and craft products and food and drink.

Easter Eggstravaganza

During these dates London organizes several skating rides in which whole families can participate, it’s free, and the idea is that people who go skating disguises something related to Easter, so do not be surprised if you see a person disguised as a rabbit skating down the street during these days!

Easter in London with children

At Holy Week, England is filled with events designed for the youngest members of the family, so if you are going to spend Holy Week in London with children, we advise you to take a look at the special events for these dates.

One of the most famous events is to take the children to an Egg Hunt where they must participate with other children in the search for hidden chocolate eggs. Egg Hunts are usually performed in almost all of London’s largest parks, so it’s really a matter of wandering around the parks during those days.


In addition many museums, zoos and attractions have special events for these dates:

Kew Gardens

Resultado de imagen de Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanical Garden of London celebrates Holy Week with numerous events and workshops for the family every day, and this year the great protagonist will be the famous rabbit Peter Rabbit by the author Beatrix Potter. From March 30 to April 15 the event “A big day out with Petter Rabbit” will be held in Kew Gardens and it is not necessary to buy a special ticket, but it is already included with the normal ticket (free entrance for children). There will be an interactive trail through Kew Gardens, as well as games to identify vegetables and plants. On Sunday (Easter Sunday) there is usually an Egg Hunt in the gardens of Kew to go in search of Easter eggs, and hand out chocolate eggs when entering the gardens. Really visiting the gardens with children is a good experience, as it is full of activities for them even when there are no special events for children.

London Zoo

The London Zoo celebrates this Holy Week with Madagascar as the protagonist, and from March 28 to April 13, children can take a tour of the zoo with numerous interactive activities and informative talks for children. To enter you simply have to pay normal entrance.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

From March 20 to April 2, the small urban zoo in Battersea Park, south of the River Thames, organizes an Egg Hunt for children in which children can go in search of the Easter eggs that are hidden with the animals, They must complete a questionnaire and deliver it at the end of the journey to get their prize. On March 30 also celebrate Easter Bunny Day, a day dedicated to Easter rabbits with workshops to make your own rabbit ears and meet the rabbits of the park.

Hampton Court Palace

One of the places where children can go in search of Easter eggs this week in London is at the wonderful Hampton Court Palace. This palace that has more than 500 years of history is one of the sites we recommend visiting if you have a day off, as it is impressive, and best of all is that from March 26 to April 15 celebrate the Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Hunt, with Easter eggs hidden by the Palace and its magnificent gardens. There will also be other events related to Holy Week, such as being able to make your own Georgian chocolate.


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