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london in august

How to make the best of your time in London in August

Here you will find some useful information, tips and usual events to help you make the most of your visit to London in August

London in August, usually sees one of the hottest months of the year, and being one of them, it offers various outdoor activities and outdoor recreational events to be part of. London in August not only offers you a lot of beautiful sunny locations, but also an incredible vibrant variety of food. Usually, the weather around is sunny and airy, with occasional drizzle usually at night. Visiting London in August offers a variety of experiences, so keep a few things in mind:


It is best to pack clothes including shorts, skirts and jeans. Being a warm climate, minimal clothes can bring better travel comfort. Also, instead of taking closed thick shoes, focus on walking shoes, as you may want to enjoy the outdoors more on your feet. Scarves can be useful, as you may want to cover from time to time if the sun is very bright or the night breeze is very cold as temperatures tend to vary sharply.

London in August, sees one of its busiest periods, with many tourists coming not only to enjoy the weather and activities, but all the unique events and festivals held annually that have become a prominent feature for them.


The Europe’s largest Carnival is held 2 days every August and is one of the most celebrated festivals. This usually happens in the last week of August and has been going on since 1966. There is music and dancing in the streets of the beautiful Notting Hill area with colourful costumed artists. You can see over 50,000 performers having the time of their life, and over 50 steel band artists luring you to sway with them.

London in august

But if you are more of a traditional music fan, then while visiting London in August look forward impeccable performances on stage, then THE BBC PROMS is definitely something you should schedule on your agenda. THE PROMS goes way back to 1895 and it is now organised by the BBC (British Broadcasting Channel). It involves breathtaking orchestral and musical performances by talented artists. It is basically an eight week event which begins mid-July or August and every time gives you a new performance to enjoy. 


Buckingham Palace, having one of the most iconic architecture and a beautiful one itself, offers tours to its State Rooms for almost two months. This also offers you free entry to the Prince of wales exhibition. The awestruck interiors and exquisite architecture is bound to gleam your eyes. It is better to visit in afternoon timings as it is less busy. It usually starts from mid July and goes up to the end of September, when the Queen is away during the holiday season. 

London in August also brings more opportunities to visit the most iconic building of all in British politics. As the British Parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords) have their annual holiday break, the Westminster Palace (which also houses the Queen Elizabeth Tower and the Big Ben) open its doors for visitors almost everyday of the week (Mon-Sat, instead of Saturdays only as for the rest of the year).

Of course there’s plenty more for you to do during your visit to London in August – one of the most enjoyable and thriving days to be about. If you need any help to plan your days in London please feel free to contact me and I will happily help you!

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