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How to make the best of your time in London in September

How to make the best of your time in London in September

London in September marks the exciting arrival of a very pleasant season, the autumn. Mostly you will experience very mild rains Throughout the day; you will also enjoy some clear blue skies with mild cool winds at times. London in September also marks the end of the summer holidays in Europe, which leads to less tourists and a quieter atmosphere, with smaller queues to enter attractions and a lot more choice of seats to book a favourite restaurant or theatre for example. The calmer streets will be appreciated by those who love travelling in serene conditions.



Being a very tricky weather in this month, it is better to pack your clothes with a combination of summer clothes and mild cardigans or sweaters to cover you from those cool evenings of rains. Dressing up in darker colours compliment the weather and the atmosphere around you. Most days tend to be cloudy and wet, so keeping a small umbrella or raincoat handy will go a long way. 

As London in September gets quieter while marking the end of the summer holiday season, usually it marks the preeminent events that happen in the city. London becomes more commercially active in this time and holds some yearly events not to be missed. 



The reason London in September holds this event is to give justice, being what it’s called “The fashion capital of the world”. The festival began in 2003 and has been a yearly tradition since then. The festival is about a nine day long and showcases the finest designs and their designers. People from over 75 different countries, come down to London in September to be a part of this very esteemed festival and showcase their creativity. 

london in septemberLONDON FASHION WEEK 

London fashion week is the most prominent fashion trade show all around the country. Some of the best chosen designers from all around the globe, sign in to the show and showcase their designed clothing on models through a fashion show. It marks as an opportunity for designers to be seen and appreciated for future prospects. Over 250 designers present themselves globally. It is one of the most high end events in London. 



If what you don’t want to miss is a treat to your eyes, this is where you should definitely head to. The open house is a dedicated event for the appreciation of the beautiful and unerring architectures which London’s most exquisite buildings have to offer, for the general public. The open house is a two day event, which happens mostly on weekends where you get to see an usually hidden beauty London has to offer. This is a never to be missed opportunity when visiting London in September. 

Of course there are plenty more of things to see and do in this thriving city all year around, and also a lot more for visitors who enjoy London in September. If you need any help planning your tours and activities in London please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help!

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