Evangelical and Protestant London

Ideas for an Evangelical and Protestant London Tour

Did you know you can prepare yourself an Evangelical and Protestant London Tour?

Evangelical and Protestant London

Whether you are practising of the faith, or just interested in the subject, you may want to get the opportunity to visit and explore various places as well as monuments in a religious perspective. The ancient architecture and the aesthetic beauty of the old cathedrals and prayer halls infuses spirituality in the minds of people who happen to be there. After visiting such places many people can get peace of mind by praying to God. Many people, especially women and old age people make it a practice to regularly visit the churches and offer their prayers when enjoying an Evangelical and Protestant London tour.

Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) Church

HTB is an evangelical and protestant London Anglican church in Kensington. They are proud that the congregation of this church which had initially 4000 members tripled within 15 years and the average age of the young converts of this church is 27 years. HTB is situated in between Natural History Museum and the Harrods Department Store. Every Wednesday hundreds of teenagers and those in their early twenties assemble in this church to sing devotional songs, listen to sermon and enjoy a free meal.

Kensit Evangelical Church

Those who are on the Evangelical and Protestant London tour can make a visit to Kensit Evangelical Church which is in the beautiful Finchley area in North London. This church welcomes the young, old, single and married from all countries. This is a very friendly venue for families to meet. Sunday Morning Service will be from 11 am to 12.15 pm and Sunday Evening Service will be from 6.30pm to 7.40pm. On the second and last Sundays of every month The Lord’s Supper will be held after the Evening Service.

John Wesley’s House

The trip to John Wesley’s chapel, Wesley’s Home and The Museum of Methodism should be on the top of the itinerary for those who go for the Evangelical and Protestant London tour. On the way they you can also visit the Burnhill Field’s Cemetery where one can find the burial places of nonconformist Protestants like Wesley’s and his latest wife’s among others. The visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral can also be included in this trip which is a main landmark in London and it is also very close by.

Emmanuel Church

Emmanuel Church is in the heart of London where every Sunday the Celebration Service is held at 10.30 am. Here all are free and welcome and those who are on a trip to an Evangelical and Protestant London tour are sure to enjoy their visit to this church. This church has a fully carpeted spacious prayer hall. The other facilities provided here include book corner, home corner, baby corner, painting corner, refreshments, puzzles, soft toys, and even lego.

Euston Church

Euston Church was established in the year 2010 and those who undertake the Evangelical and Protestant London tour make it a point to include a visit to this church in their program. This evangelical church is in central London and this church is a part of The Church of England. Initially there were around 40 people and they used to meet in the School of Pharmacy and subsequently in the Institute of Education. In the year 2015 Euston Church was shifted to the building of Christ the King church, in Gordon Square. Euston Church welcomes children and families. The church conducts weekly families program as well as marriage and parenting seminars. The parents who attend these programs can enjoy the fun time when the childcare team will take care of the kids.

Other places you might be also interested in visiting for your Evangelical and Protestant London Tour are: Metropolitan Tabernacle (in connection with Charles Spurgeon)  in Elephant and Castle, Wesley’s Chapel inside the Westminster Methodist Hall. Have you visited any other sites related to an Evangelical and Protestant London? Leave your comments below. I would love hear from you! Thanks for reading!

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