Must Visit Cities Near London

Must Visit Cities Near London

We of course love London! It is a place full of history, culture, entertainment, great food and there are so many different parts to the city. Even people who have lived there all of their lives will have not been able to see all of it.

But while you are visiting London we would really recommend taking a trip to must visit cities near London, to see some of the other beautiful areas away from London. England has stunning coast lines, countryside and old towns which are a must see during your time here. So, hire a car, or jump on a train on one of London’s many train stations and enjoy some other great destinations.

If you would like to try this but are not quite sure where to go; then don’t worry. We are here to help!



The Royal Wedding may be over, but Windsor is still a place which you must visit! It proudly has the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world, picturesque parks, racecourses and even LegoLand… There is no place which is more traditionally English than Windsor.


Hampton Court

If you enjoy Windsor Castle and you love the royal family, then Hampton Court should be on your visiting list. Hampton Court Palace was a personal favorite of King Henry VIII and it is only 11.5 miles away from Central London (it is easily accessible from Waterloo station). Now it is open to the public and boasts beautiful grounds and artwork.



Oxford is famous for its beautiful buildings, history and university. Whether you like checking out museums, colleges and art galleries, or going for food and shopping (or all of them), then Oxford is a place to visit. It will make you feel as if you have just been dropped off at Hogwarts!



Another historical, university city situated 50 miles away from London, on the River Cam. While you are there you should try your luck with punting, which is famous in the area. Just make sure you don’t fall overboard!


Everyone instantly recognises the famous prehistoric monument at Stonehenge. It consists of a ring of standing stones, with each standing stone around 13 feet high, 7 feet wide and weighing as much as 25 tons!!! A British cultural icon, believed to have been constructed in 3000 BC.



Set within the countryside of South West England – Bath is famous for its natural hot springs, Roman baths and 18th century Georgian architecture.  Bath is a unique, feel-good town, rich with heritage and history.



Brighton is a traditional seaside town, with its famous Brighton Palace Pier, amusement parks and fish and chips. However, it is also a place with great culture and a vibrant music & nightlife scene. A place which you can enjoy all year, however we would recommend visiting in the spring and summer months, as it can get a bit windy in the winter.



Another place to visit when it is warmer, so that you can enjoy the beautiful 7 miles of golden sandy beaches (which are very rare for English beaches). An English seaside town, with stunning gardens, mini golf and hundreds of shops. whilst in here, you must also explore the nearby Christchurch and Poole Harbor (the largest natural harbor in Europe).



Liverpool is a maritime city in the north west of England and it is famously known as the hometown of The Beatles. Liverpool provides unique attractions, exciting events, sporting offerings and unrivaled musical heritage.



A popular tourist attraction, as it was the home of William Shakespeare -the most famous writer in English history. A town which boasts over 800 years of history, as well as stunning rivers and the Attic theater.

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