Essentials of Bournemouth

Essentials of Bournemouth

This tour is ideal for those who are visiting Bournemouth from London or any other nearby city as well as for students just arriving to live in Bournemouth whilst studying. With this tour you will know the main things that make this city one of the best to live and tour in the United Kingdom.

The Christchurch Region – Region History, Christchurch Parish, The Christchurch Pier, Christchurch Castle Ruins, Norman House Ruins; The Boscombe Region – Boscombe town centre, Boscombe Pier, Boscombe Gardens; Central Bournemouth Region – Bournemouth town centre, Bournemouth Pier, Bournemouth Gardens; The Pavillion Theatre; Region of Poole – Poole park, Poole Pier, town centre and Dolphin Shopping center.

Topics covered during the tour: History of the region and development of Bournemouth, British culture in coastal towns, shopping, English Gardens.

Note: The tour of the Bournemouth region is best described as a leisure scenic and cultural activity other than intended for historical knowledge, as it is a newly founded city compared to other cities in the UK. Also when we have new residents in our group we provide information on the basics of living in the area such as best places to shop, other leisure activities and days out nearby, security, public transport, and many other things that new residents need to know.

Duration of the Tour: Approximately 8 hours, every Saturday

Meeting time and place: at 10am at the Bournemouth Station Entrance located opposite the ASDA supermarket

Estimated ending time and place of the tour: at 6pm at Bournemouth Station.

Means of transport: bus, train, on foot. Transportation tickets in the region will be purchased at the beginning of the tour with the assistance of our guide and are not included in the tour price – Estimated cost of £ 15.00 per person.

Tour price: £ 350.00

Not included:

  • Tickets for attractions
  • Transportation, food or drink
  • Anything else not indicated in the description.

Cancellation Policy:

We are very committed to our customers, but if, at any time, for any exceptional circumstance in case of cancellation of our part, the amount paid will be fully refunded. Cancellation can be communicated within 24 hours in advance via email or whatsapp.

On the other hand, once the tour is booked and paid it is fully refundable if you decide to cancel it for up to 15 days prior to the tour date and non-refundable if canceled in less than 15 days.

Recommendations to take better advantage of the tour: comfortable shoes and suitable clothes according to the weather conditions, as there is a lot of walking. Rain cover always works better than umbrellas as it can usually wind up and rain strong. Have in hand 20p, 50p and 1 pound coins for restrooms where needed, backpack for groceries, bottle of water, snacks and lots of energy!

Safety advice: As you will be walking in sometimes crowded places, make sure you can follow the flag of our guide and respect all the stop times provided so you do not get lost and everyone in your group has the best experience possible . Also, make sure you have your purses closed and be alert at all times to pickpockets.

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