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Personalised Tours

We offer planning of your itineraries for personalised tours Europe with a great team of local guides!

Nothing could be better than to feel at home even when you are quite far away travelling! When you plan an international trip to Europe or any other destination, there are many major barriers which could compromise the success of your journey, just because you may not be so familiar with aspects like language, culture – the unknown. And that is probably the main reason why you want explore your destination in the first place! How nice would it be to have everything planned for you by somebody who knows your destination very closely? let’s say: As an Europe insider we can offer you personalised tours exactly to your travel style and connect you with exclusive service providers to your requirements. Get in touch with us and whether you are an independent traveller or you just prefer to count on someone local to make your visit more efficient, we will send you our services availability, how it works, prices and more details for each of your chosen cities in Europe!

Whether in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Vienna, Prague, among many other cities. Planning your personalised tours itineraries may or may not be combined with additional unique tour services.

  • ” Thank you, Carla for the privilege of your company, which made us happy, enchanted us and brought us to places that most seemed to have come out of fairy tales. The breathtaking Zurich and Berne and their simple everyday. Charming Freiburg, the cozy Bulle. The way to Visp, Zermatt; a setting that purifies the soul, the lightness of being. Yes, Broc and Gruyères: chocolate, founde, the charming kitties. Of course, all those moments recorded by the also renowned photographer, Carla Zimmermann. Big kiss and see you soon … In the spring. Lucia, Paulo and Larissa – 10/24/2015 “

We have a great relationship with our carefully selected team of private guides, drivers, photographers, guides of small group tours among other professionals and tourist services, ensuring that your experience is the best possible.

  • ” I was very happy and satisfied with the service of Designed Tours. From the first contact, one perceives the seriousness, care and kindness in the service.  I was accompanied by the guide Ana, a loving person, kind, pleasant, helpful, knows the city well and its details … made my tour in London fantastic. Thank you Ana and everyone at Designed Tours. Simone Santana – 05/20/2018 “

personalised tours europe


Some common questions and answers about our Personalised Tours service:

How it works?

When contacting us requesting this service, we will offer you first a proposal of basic itineraries that we usually do with the accompaniment of one of our local guides. You can choose from one or many of them to serve as a scope for your personalised tours, or if you prefer we can prepare a route especially for you with the attractions and activities that you have in mind. After analysing our basic proposal, you can ask us for the additional services you are interested in (drivers, transfers, photographers, etc.).

Here is what usually happens:

  • After planning the personalised tours with us and deciding the itinerary to be explored during the tour, we book a private tour guide for you according to your travel style.
  • Our guide will meet you at the time and location of your convenience.
  • Our guide will contact you the day before the tour via whatsApp. Then your private guide will meet you and provide the tour of your custom itinerary.
  • Our guides are prepared to provide the right amount of historical information to each client they meet … so that the you receive the exact amount of information according to your own interest (not too much or too little). Historic information on attractions, safety, public transport and all aspects of life in the city, including culture, curiosities, politics, religion, monarchies (where applicable) are among the subjects that can be explored during the tour with the a private guide. All information is given in English or Spanish (at your request). Tips for restaurants and more popular regional dishes are also given during the tour.
  • At the end of the personalised tours, your private guide can either leave you at your hotel or drop you off at another chosen location with tips on what to do in the area and how to get back to the hotel on his own.

How much does the Personalised tours with a local guides costs?

Each city / country has different rates and we will send you our complete services proposal once we are in contact.

How do I make a reservation?

After reviewing our proposal and creating your itinerary, we will send you an invoice online so you can make the payment of the deposit to secure your date in the agenda of one of our guides. At this step, all the information about what is agreed (itinerary, date, local and time of meeting with the guide, and your contact details will be passed to the agenda of the guide who will be with you during your visit).

Will other people be with me when I hire my Personalised tours with local guides?

No. Your local guide will be exclusively yours during the number of days and hours hired. You will be able to make the schedule and changes that you think is best for your interests and you will not need to share the guide’s attention with anyone else who are not in your group by your invitation.

What happens after all booked?

The guide who will assist you will contact you via whatsApp the day before your tour, reconfirming all the information. On the agreed day, local and time (usually at your hotel) you will meet and you will be taken by the personalised tours plan we have agreed with you previously. The routes are flexible and if you decide to change your mind about something on the day of the tour, your guide will be prepared to help you make the best decisions so that you can take your tour in order to make the most of it. At the end of the tour you can choose to be taken back to your hotel or left somewhere else in the city so you can enjoy the day a little more. In that case, your guide will drop you off at the chosen location with all the recommendations and instructions on how to return to the hotel on your own.

What if I want to be without a local guide but still have a personalised tours plan so I can use it during my trip?

If you prefer to travel on your own and make your discoveries without the help of private guides, drivers or other professionals, we can also elaborate your personalised  tours plan in digital format – a super useful tool for those who prefer to explore the city on their own, but do not want to spend time looking for information in apps, blogs or maps during the tour. With your  personalised tours plan in digital format you’ll have everything ready with your preferences to optimise your visit to each city. In addition, we also provide our on call whatsApp service for whenever you are in any doubt during your tours with the Personalised Itineraries Digital plan. Your Plan will have information written, videos, links to routes by foot and public transport, restaurant tips, etc. Everything so you have on hand what you need to enjoy each location.

personalised toursAnd if you’re only visiting London and you still have a little time or want to have the joy of planning your trip to England yourself, we can also offer you a  consulting call via whatsApp so you can ask questions and prepare your own personalised tours in London. During your call we can discuss places to you stay, tips on public transportation, restaurants, attractions, clothing to bring in your suitcase, etc.

Click here to know more about the Digital Personalised Tour Plan or about our Consulting Call for a trip to London.


Get to know Europe in your own way with our services! Get in touch to plan your dream trip in Europe!



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