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1 – BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd operates under the fancy name “DESIGNED TOURS”. By contracting our services our client will be in agreement with the following Terms and conditions of hiring:


2 – BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd acts primarily as a tour planner and consultancy service providers AND as an intermediary between its customers and third party service providers throughout Europe, declining its responsibility for any and all problems, losses or damages resulting from acts of God or force majeure, namely: strikes, disturbances, quarantines, wars; natural phenomena: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, avalanches; modifications, delays and / or cancellation of air travel due to technical, mechanical and / or meteorological reasons, over which the Operator has no forecasting or control.


3 – When contracting the services of BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd the client will be contracting one or more of the services as arranged:

  • Travel-tours Planning and/or Consultancy
  • Elaboration of a personalized travel plan (available in digital document)
  • Intermediation (Booking and management) between the client and independent professionals or third part companies (providers of requested services – private guides, transfers, drivers, interpreters, personal shopper assistant, group tours, events companies, language schools, etc.), among others .


4 – By contracting these services, the client will pay a service reservation fee that represents a commission on top of the value of each reserved service, which constitutes the compensation of the company to fulfill its legal, financial and operational obligations.


5 – The restriction to your entry or stay in the international territory will be by sole and exclusive decision of the local authorities, who exercise total control of their borders, with the power to authorise or not the entry, stay and exit of goods and people from their territory. It is a right linked to the sovereignty of each state, recognised by the community and international standards. BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd, like any other company, has no interference with such a decision.


6 – For technical-operational reasons, BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the reserved services with its providers, without prejudice to the client, informing him of the change and giving him the option of accept the same or cancel your reservation with a corresponding refund.


7 – Reservation request: must be made in writing and accompanied by the initial deposit (Deposit for reservation = Commission + in some cases, a percentage referring to the reserved services if informed in advance communication to the reservation which will be passed on to the service provider by BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd), when requested.


8 – Payment: the total payment of the reservation fee (commission) must be made until the deadline established in the confirmation of the services requested. Failure to complete the payment will allow BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd to cancel the reserved services with its providers. The outstanding amount to be paid to the service providers during their performance will be displayed in the description section of our services invoice, so the customer can make the payment directly to the service provider, unless agreed differently via email.


9 – Requests for Alteration: Requests for alteration will imply in the application of penalties to the client, under the contracts signed by BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd on their behalf with its providers.


10 – Responsibility for values: BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd as well as its service providers is not responsible for theft of documents, for valuables and personal objects during the customer’s participation on the reserved activities.


11 – Optional Services: In our channels (website, social media, etc.) and itineraries we indicate tours, visits and optional restaurants. These are not included in our product, constituting a mere suggestion, not being our responsibility to operate, quality and / or reimbursement of values ​​corresponding to them.


12 – Specific Cancellation Conditions

Cancellation is understood as the withdrawal of the reserved service, as well as change of dates. All requests for cancellation of the reserved services must be made in writing and the penalties will be applied in advance of which they are communicated to BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd, namely:


A – In the event that the services purchased (guides, transfers, tours, etc.) are not used, for the reasons mentioned in item 5 of this agreement, BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd will not make any compensation or refund any amount.

B – In case of not using any reserved service, informed in 7 or less days, no refund will be granted at all and the outstanding amount to be paid with the reserved providers must be honoured by the client. In this case we will send you an additional invoice if the direct payment to the service provider is not possible for some reason.

C – In case of cancelling any reserved service, informed between 14 and 8 days prior to the booked date, no refund will be granted.

D – In the case of cancelling any reserved service, informed up to 15 days prior to the booked date 80% of the total amount paid will be refunded in up to 7 days after receiving the cancellation request via email.

E – In the unlikely event of cancellation by us or one of our service providers at any time, 100% of the paid amount will be refunded. In this case we will inform you via email or Whatsapp as early as possible and give you the reason for that.


13 – Complaints: In case of deficiency in the service provided (transfers, guides, tours and others) the complaint must be duly reported, in writing, to the provider of the service “in loco”, with the due protocol. A copy of the document, duly filed, must be submitted to BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd together with the complaint within 30 days after the date of service. If you do not do so within the stipulated period, the contractual relationship will be considered perfect and finished.


14 – Privacy

Your privacy is critical to us. We respect your privacy and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation with regard to your personal information.

This Terms and Conditions should be read alongside, and are in addition to our policies, including our privacy policy (http://designedtours.com/privacy-policy) and cookies policy (http://designedtours.com/privacy-policy).


15 – Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Contract (including any non-contractual matters) are governed by the law of England and Wales.

Disputes can be submitted to the Jurisdiction of courts of England and Wales.


16 – When paying the reservation fee to BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd, the client and/or his agent, the travel agency (when applicable), declare to know the Terms and Conditions of Contract, by which they adhere contractually and take full responsibility for all information mentioned below.


The CLIENT (passenger) is aware, and hereby authorises, that the CONTRACTOR BLYSS ENTERPRISES Ltd, in its sole discretion, makes payment to the international service provider (s), on their behalf and / or their escorts, through transfer of resources and / or issuance of international debit card, used exclusively for this purpose.


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