The best European destinations to go in Easter

The best European destinations to go in Easter

You still have time to decide where to go during Holy Week. Skip the usual with some of these proposals of European destinations to go in Easter.

The next holidays are approaching and surely you have not yet decided where to go during Holy Week. We do not judge you, sometimes it can be a bit complicated to choose for reasons of price or, simply, you do not want to repeat the same as always. Don’t worry, next we want to suggest some European destinations to go in Easter that can save your next trip. Low cost cities, alternative plans or traditional destinations, but if looked at in a different way they have much to offer.


  1. Budapest

Budapest is a great destination to go to during Holy Week without leaving Europe for many reasons. First, it is one of the cheapest places to spend a vacation. You will find cheap flights to Budapest almost certainly, as there are several low cost airlines that will take you from Spain to there. In addition, the price-quality ratio for the accommodation is one of the best in the region, as well as for the food. On the other hand, in the capital of Hungary you can learn a little about the traditions of the country if you dare to visit it during Holy Week.

For example, in the Vajdahunyad Castle, located in the largest park in the city, the Easter Lamb Festival is celebrated between 19 and 22 April. Throughout the Sunday, many chefs gather to prepare the best lamb in order to obtain a prize. It also celebrates the capture of Easter eggs in the Railway Museum, an event dedicated to this traditional Hungarian celebration in which the little ones will really enjoy.



  1. Córdoba

Perhaps the Holy Week in Seville is the one that takes all the flashes, but in many corners of Andalusia they keep secrets that we encourage you to discover. For example, this year you could choose to visit the traditional Holy Week in Cordoba, just one hour from Seville. The city is a perfect size to walk on and you can live all its processes in a very comfortable way. We encourage you to miss the Holy Monday, which are the most curious. For example, the steps of the Brotherhood of Souls Remedy are real jewels of the seventeenth century that only circulate in the streets if the probability of rain is 0%, due to its artistic value.

In addition, although you have already been enjoying the wonderful streets of Cordoba, you could be encouraged to visit another place that is usually little known: the city of Medina Azahara. This Arab palace on the outskirts of Cordoba was the residence of the Caliphate for several years and we are sure that you will fall in love.

european destinations to go in easter

  1. Split

A little less known Easter destination is the Croatian city of Split. However, it is an ideal place to spend a few days by the sea and, at the same time, learn a little more about the culture of this area of ​​the world. Bathed by the sun and the sea, Split keeps many treasures. Strolling through its center is immersed in centuries of history and we advise you to do it during Holy Week, when processions and unique traditions take place. For example, in Lovrec, just 70 kilometers from Split, processions are held throughout Good Friday carrying crosses and singing chants of the fifteenth century.

In addition, this same day fish and red wine are usually eaten, children paint Easter eggs and grandmothers make cakes. During Resurrection Sunday a typical breakfast is usually taken with ham, eggs, onion and artisan bread. What are you waiting for to try it in one of the great cafés in Split? Croatia is an ideal destination to go to during Holy Week without leaving Europe.

Split Semana Santa

  1. Malta

If you want to get away from the traditional, one of the best places to go in Easter is Malta. With the arrival of good temperatures, you can enjoy relaxing on one of its beaches, but you could also opt for a more mobile plan. Right during these days the Lost Found Festival is celebrated, an event that combines the natural beauty of the country with the music of international artists. From April 15 to 21, along 8 different stages, you can live a Holy Week very different from the one you imagined. Music, sunsets, parties on the beach, on boats, in the pool and even castles await you on this magical Mediterranean island.

  1. Geneva

Geneva may be another Easter week destination that may interest you if you are looking for something beyond the processions of every year. The second largest city in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Leman and backed by the Alps, has such interesting places as St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Plain palais Market or the Hôtel de Ville. Not only can you explore its more cultural side, but if you choose it as a Holy Week destination, you can experience one of the most important techno music festivals in the world. The Electron Festival is held from April 25 to May 5th in several central locations of the city and not only includes musical events, but you can also attend conferences, workshops and films. The organisers say that techno is their religion, go check if it’s yours in your next vacation.

Ginebra Semana Santa

  1. Berlin

Berlin as a city to go to during Holy Week? Why not? The German capital has charm at any time of the year, but perhaps this holiday is even more interesting. The good weather has begun to be seen through its streets, causing life to re-emerge outside of houses and restaurants. In addition, the cultural offer of the city seems to increase during these holidays.

At the Bode Museum in Berlin you can watch a series of classical music concerts on April 13th to 18th. In the Charlottenburg Palace the Festive Spring Concert is celebrated, an evening in which Beethoven and Schumann themes are performed followed by a visit to the palace and a most palatial dinner. You could also choose to listen to Bach in the Cathedral, played by the most important choirs in the city. Many events await you in Berlin if you opt for this cheap Easter destination.

european destinations to go in easter

  1. Barcelona

Stop thinking like the rest and enjoy Barcelona at this time of year. If you do not know where to go during Holy Week, stop by the capital of Catalonia, but live it in a different way. In addition to knowing its main attractions, you could attend the ancient Procession of Silence in Badalona (just a few kilometres from Barcelona) on the night of Holy Thursday. This event, which has been held since the 17th century, takes place in the most absolute silence and with the only lighting of the candles that the attendees carry in their hands.

On Good Friday several religious events are celebrated in the Cathedral of Barcelona, like the Sermon of the Seven Words or the way of the cross. In addition, throughout the week you can move to a corner of southern Spain in L’Hospitalet, where Andalusian Holy Week is celebrated. You can listen to saetas!

european destinations to go in easter

  1. Gallipoli

Whenever we think of Italy, we go to the same destinations: Rome, Florence, Milan, Cinque Terre … However, if you choose them as destinations to go to during Holy Week, it is very likely that you will find crowds looking for the same thing as you. We recommend you to focus on another area of the Mediterranean country: the southeast. Fly to Lecce and enjoy the beaches of Salento, corners with golden sand and transparent waters in which to lie down to live the spring temperatures of April. During these days, the beaches of this city and different locations such as castles or clubs are filled with people wanting to enjoy the music of the invited artists at usual festivals which promotes the region tourism based on various cultural activities.


  1. Edinburgh

Go to know the jewel of Scotland and choose it as a place to go during Holy Week. In Edinburgh you will always find something to do interesting and on these dates there is still more to do. Start by watching the breathtaking views from Calton Hill, take a stroll through its museums, such as the National Museum of Scotland, and, of course, tour the Old City, continuing to stroll along the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyrood.

If You are able to come before the Holy Week, you could go to the Comic Con festival in Edinburgh (April 6th and 7th). If you’re looking for a party, sign up for Terminal V, a house and techno music event located in a secret place … Without a doubt, Scotland is a great Easter destination and also one of the best European destinations to go in Easter.


  1. Kautokeino

You could fly to the Norwegian city of Tromso to see another of the Holy Week destinations we have selected. In Kautokeino the Festival of Holy Week of the Sami takes place, a town almost unknown to many. During these days you can participate in a lot of events that will make you know a little better the life and culture of these people who live surrounded by snow for much of the year. The festival includes a Reno Racing World Cup, a film festival (held in an ice cinema), a music festival (the Sami Grand Prix, something like Eurovision) and a festival for children. You can find parades, plays, exhibitions, parties and food markets anywhere.

A good idea to get to Kautokeino is to get a rental car. Until you reach your destination, you will pass through incredible places in the Finnmark region full of waterfalls and frozen lakes.

european destinations to go in easter

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