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  • Unsurprisingly, here are the best museums in London not to be missed!
museums in london not to be missed

Unsurprisingly, here are the best museums in London not to be missed!

London has some of the world’s best museums. Among them there are free museums, national museums, cartoon museums, weird museums and so on. The vast collections that are kept in the museums make them the world’s finest museums in London not to be missed. Those who visit this amazing city should make some time to visit at least some of the great museums in here. Most of these museums also organise exhibitions and exciting events. This article is about a few of the best museums in London not to be missed.


  • Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington


museums in london not to be missedV & A is in fact the world’s largest museum of decorative art, textiles, designs and fashion. This museum is free to visit and here there is also, a small pet cemetery. The last official engagement of Queen Victoria was laying the foundation stone of this museum in the year 1899. All the seven floors together have around 150 superb galleries that show innumerable pieces of furniture, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, Jewellery, metalwork, glass, textiles and dresses. The items kept in this museum are of different centuries. The very great collections kept here make it one among the best museums in London you can’t miss. They include the 7 Raphael Cartoons which were painted in the year 1515 as tapestry designs meant for the Sistine Chapel, the Italian Renaissance sculpture collection, the oldest as well as most splendid floor covering known as the Ardabil Carpet which is kept in the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art and the 13th century glass beaker from Syria known as the Luck of Edenhall. 


  • British Museum


This museum which was opened in the year 1759 was the first national museum of the world which is open to the public. The more than 8 million collections make it one among the best museums in London not to be missed. This museum is the home for the Rosetta Stone as well as the Parthenon Sculptures. This museum attracts not less than six million visitors every year. Here the precious artefacts are preserved in glass cases. The way in which the collections are displayed here reveal that this museum is performing research as well as conservation.


  • National Maritime Museum, Greenwich


This museum is at the center of the Royal Museums Greenwich where one can see the Queen’s House next door, Cutty Sark and the Royal Observatory. This museum has something special for each visitor irrespective of his/her age and this makes it one of the best museums in London. ‘Nelson, Navy, Nation’ is an extensive gallery of this museum where historic pieces related to the Glorious Revolution, the battles fought by Napoleon, the public adulation of Admiral Lord Nelson and lives of sailors 200 years ago are kept. The uniform which Lord Nelson was wearing during the Battle of Trafalgar is also kept in here. Another section of this museum exhibits collections that are related to the North-West Passage expedition of James Cook during late 1770s, the history of the East India Company and a gallery for the Forgotten Fighters which reminds the visitors the soldiers who were fighting in the sea during World War I. 

best museums in london not to be missed


  • National Gallery, Trafalgar Square


This free-to-enter museum was established in the year 1824 and is considered as one of the best museums in London mainly because of the collection of more than 2000 art works of the world’s greatest artists like da Vinci, Rembrandt, van Gogh, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Turner and Cezanne. Since this museum is located at the heart of London it is easily accessible if you are anywhere nearby. Art works right from medieval classics to the works by the world-famous French Impressionists are exhibited here. Blockbuster exhibitions and music concerts are also organised in this museum.


  • Science Museum, South Kensington

This is one among the best “unmissable” museums in London because the exhibits of this museum are highly entertaining as well as educational. Here one can find the exhibition of the Information Age. Here Queen Elizabeth sent her first tweet, signed Elizabeth R. The seven floors of this museum showcase the developments in the fields of contemporary science, technology and medicine. A huge collection of medical history related pieces are kept in the Medical History Gallery and the Launch Pad is a hands-on gallery for the children and here they can try the various basic principles of science. The Clockmaker’s Collection is the display of the oldest clocks and watches of the world and most of the pieces are dated between 1650 and 1850.


  • Churchill War Rooms


This underground museum is around the corner from 10, Downing Street. This is the exact place where Churchill used to spend hours together plotting victory of Allied. The underground rooms are surprisingly large. The Map Room still appears exactly as it looked when the War Cabinet abandoned the room at the end of the war. Visitors can see the Transatlantic Telephone Room from where Churchill used to have secret conversation with the US President. These are a few things which makes this on of the best museums in London not to be missed!

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