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Beatles abbey road zebra crossing

Why Beatles Abbey Road Zebra Crossing is a must see in London?

Don’t miss Abbey Road, home to the famous Beatles recording studios and the Beatles pedestrian crossing in London!

 beatles crosswalk in london
Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road studios is a music studio located in a of the most famous streets in the world of the same name in London. It is also one of the most popular attractions in the city for music lovers.

As a result of being chosen by the Beatles to record their albums, the studio became famous in the 1960s. The final album of the fantastic quartet was called ‘Abbey Road’. And it was released in 1969, with the front cover of the Vinyl showing the group in the crosswalk that is in front of the recording studio.

The iconic image of the 4 members of the group crossing the road is reconstructed by several tourists every day on the spot. Consequently to those visits, it has become a tourist tradition, scribbling some words of love once sung by the Beatles on the wall outside the studio. This eccentric tribute to the fantastic quartet is appreciated by the staff at Abbey Road studios. But, don’t worry, you won’t be getting into any trouble!

A visit and photo at the Beatles Abbey Road zebra crossing is a great free option in the English capital!

The world famous band that has influenced and still influences generations, attracts fans and non-fans from all over the world. Despite being born in Liverpool, the group had great traces of its history set in the British capital. Additionally, this was the birthplace of Beatlemania.

So, additionally to the Beatles abbey road zebra crossing in London, some other spots related to them may interest you:

1 – Number 7, Cavendish Avenue – It is close to Abbey Road studios, so you can take the opportunity to pass by Paul McCartney’s house. Who knows, maybe you might see him?

2 – Number 3, Saville Row – Unbelievably, the most successful band in the world has only performed together for 10 years. On the roof of this building, where their last record company (Apple Corps) had their office based, it was where the band last performed on 01/30/1969. But because of this show, the police were called because of the “noise” caused.

3 – Prince of Wales Theatre – In 1963, the band performed at this theater during the Royal Variety show. While there, members of the British royal family were present.

4 – London Palladium Theatre – Here in 1963, the band performed and the audience behaved hysterically with screams and hair pulling in great ecstasy. As a result of this, the term “Beatlemania” was born in here.

Do you realise that the Beatles Abbey Road Zebra crossing is just the beginning of your journey through the city if you want to follow in the band’s footsteps?

5 – Number 34, Montagu Square – This property was initially rented by Ringo Starr. But then John Lennon with his girlfriend Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, as well as Jimmy Hendrix with his girlfriends also occupied that same address. Paul McCartney even recorded several songs while living here.

6 – Number 94, Baker Street – Between December 1967 and July 1968, the group decided to undertake and created a Boutique. Supposedly, it was “A beautiful place where beautiful people can buy beautiful things”, according to Paul McCartney’s words at the time. Due to flaws in business management skills, the group ended up making certain decisions without necessary permits. And then unfortunately, the new project only lasted a few months.

 beatles abbey road zebra crossing
Marylebone Station

7 – Marylebone Station – Here, was recorded the opening scene of one of the 5 films in which the band participated (A Hard Day’s night). In this scene recorded here, Geoge Harrisson takes a fall, tears his suit while running from the fans. The fall was accidental and Harrisson had to improvise, but the scene was still added to the film.

8 – The British Library – Regardless of Beatles-related matters, the British Library is worth a visit for many reasons. But, in terms of Beatles, here you can find a vast memorabilia with photos, doodles, lyrics, birthday cards, among others. And this is why, here you have the best chance of getting closer to something your idol have touched!

How about taking a look at Abbey Road live?

I hope you enjoyed our article “Why the Beatles Abbey road zebra crossing is a must see in London?”. Additionally, remember that if you want to plan your personalised tour in London, you can contact me .

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