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Your Dream Holiday in Europe

Your Dream Holiday in Europe

Whether you are a tourist, student or a business looking to organise your Europe Tours, we understand that the desire to take care of all the details of your trip is immense, but many people do not have much time to plan it, and also still would like to have a visit tailored to your own preferences, so for that reason we offer a personalised plan which can be aggregated with personalised local services, so you are able to visit the Europe in your own way.

We can plan your tours in Europe’s major cities whether you are an independent traveller or if you prefer to enjoy your trip being cared for by some of our service providers like private guides, transfer, drivers, photographers, shopping assistant, among others to your request.

For those who prefer to explore on their own, our Personalised Digital Tour Plan will be a prefect ally as it will be prepared specifically to your travel preferences and contains general information about each city you want to visit, tips, maps, useful sites with information of attractions, time estimation at each location and routes, ticket purchase suggestions links, reservations, and also getting on the tube (subway), bus and/or walking between the various attractions chosen by you in your assessment form which we will send to you so we can start your customised plan. For a more effective use of our personalised digital plan, you will need to have Internet connection to open links, maps and street view. Restaurants, useful apps, telephone and internet tips are also included in your custom digital travel plan.

If you prefer to have all done for you and remove all the stresses of having to plan out your day to day, find where to buy the relevant tickets and getting lost with different apps, maps and numerous available information, Our planning services can be aggregated with other private in loco services such as transfers, drivers, local guides for example. Those services individually or combined helps you to save your precious time among other savings – let’s say: Money! as those services will optimise your time in your chosen city, so you will see more in less time and more efficiently without having to spend money with additional hotel stays, meals, transport and everything else that comes with time not very well spent . On average. we would recommend at least five days in London for people who come without a guide to explore the basics on their own, or only three days if they have a guide with them…

As a Business, School or travel agencies you can count on us for everything mentioned above, but also, if you are planning tours for a larger group we offer a selection of set tours priced per group at reasonable competitive. Those tours are offered by our local guides who will meet your group at your requested location and time. We also can aggregate this service with transport hiring for your group at your request. For Business traveller count on us to provide you with additional support services like interpreters or incentive activities planning and management for your team!

Dreaming of studying languages in Europe? We’ve got that! What about count on us to help you to find your perfect school and accommodation? We are connected with many students agencies which offer a variety of courses and accommodation packages. Based on an assessment form which we will send to you, so we can figure your requirements, we can help you with your research and find few options which will be presented to you, so you can make you own choice. We will help you all the way! Also we offer a FIRST STEPS TOUR in which we offer planning of your tour with a local guide who will give you information about touristic spots, but also, essential tips for a new resident, as for example: public transportation, safety, local people’s habits, health system, best grocery shops, pharmacist, etc…

Whatever your preference are we can help you make the most of your visit in a more effective way!



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